Latest News

2021.02      Yerin Shin was awarded the Excellent Poster Award at the 28th Korean Conference on Semiconductors
2020.12      Soyeon Choi, Jiwoon Park, and Sungryong Lee‘s papers are accepted in ICEIC 2021
2020.12      Soyeon Choi, Jiwoon Park, Sungryong Lee, and Yerin Shin‘s papers are accepted in the 28th Korean Conference on Semiconductors
2020.11      Hyeonkyu Kim and Soyeon Choi were awarded the Best Paper Award Silver Prize at ICCE-Asia 2020
2020.10      Soyeon Choi was awarded the Cadence Award at ISOCC 2020

Circuits and Systems Laboratory (CASL) was founded in 2016 by Professor Hoyoung Yoo in the Department of Electronics Engineering, Chungnam National University. Our research generally aims to create VLSI designs for advanced DSP algorithms in the area of advanced communication, multimedia, and storage systems. We also tackle the fundamental problems in design methodology and optimization.

Specific areas of current interest include:

  • VLSI design for Error Correction Codes
  • VLSI design for 5G communication systems
  • VLSI design for Machine Learning Accelerators

Feel free to visit CASL webpage to get more detailed information of our laboratory.


We are looking for motivated B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. students to join our team. Our research involves theoretical, experimental, and practical approaches so that you can experience them and choose what suits you best. If you are interested in digital hardware design, please send your CV and academic transcripts to